US Steel Detailing


Our drafting services utilize the most appropriate software tools in order to confirm to industry standards and maintain productivity. We routinely work with both imperial and metric standards, and can provide careful compliance with fabricator’s detailing standards. We can comply with the engineering codes of USA, UK, Europe and Australia .Our work meets AISC requirements and we adhere to local and OSHA safety standards.



SEANDA has a dedicated group of 30+ professionals for structural steel detailing work. All team members are trained on AISC/ NISD standards. We have executed over 500,000 tons of structural & miscellaneous steel detailing jobs in a variety of buildings and structures.

Methodology :

• Structures are detailed with BIM based 3-D modeling using Tekla Structures and AutoCAD software.
• We provide ABM, AB/embed plans, E-sheets, shop drawings, dxf files, detail bill of material, & CNC data.
• All information, data and drawings are exchanged with clients using high speed FTP server.
• We detail structural as well as miscellaneous steel covering industrial structures, commercial buildings, convention centers, sport stadiums, residential, educational/ hospital buildings, pipe racks etc.

Resources and Experience:

• Experienced in American (AISC), Canadian, Japanese, German, French, British and Indian engineering & detailing standards.
• 500,000+ tons of structural and miscellaneous steel work in a variety of buildings and structures Commercial buildings, Convention Centres, Churches, Stadiums, Material handling structures, Transfer Towers, Stacks, Industrial buildings, Large span space structures for covering storages, Bins, Hoppers, Silos for storage of materials.


High Accuracy:

We follow high quality process. All our structural steel detailing projects are executed using BIM based 3-D modeling which allows checking for any clash or interference during the detailing stage and saves considerable time and resources in modifications at site. SEANDA's personnel have been trained on the AISC/NISD training program. Our in-house structural engineering capability allows us to comprehensively understand and execute projects. We can provide bolted steel structures with accurately designed bolted connections to allow fabrication of structures in workshops instead of site fabrication and welded connections. This results in faster erection and better aesthetics of structures.

Guaranteed Schedule

SEANDA has a unique web-based project and resource management system, which allows online control of projects and personnel working on projects. Our larger staff size allows flexible deployment of personnel on projects as needed to meet tight client schedules.


Steel detailing is done using BIM based 3-D modeling and drawings, material list & other reports are extracted from the models. This allows accurate material management, reduction in wastage and optimal use of material resulting in substantial savings.